Welcome to Telqom

Telqom is the largest provider of SIP trunks from around the world. Our dedicated global SIP trunking network provide you trusted, stable and reliable services with local numbers for over 100 countries. Welcome to your SIP trunking service today! Let us connect.


Our Services


Local SIP Trunks

Telqom provides enterprise-grade local SIP trunks for over 90,000 cities around the world with low latency connections.


Local Virtual Numbers

As a global telecom carrier, we offer you local numbers for SIP trunks for over 115 countries.


VoIP Consulting

Telqom has an exemplary team of VoIP experts able to provide top grade consulting. Talk to us today.

Welcome to Telqom. We Are The World's SIP Trunking Solutions Provider. Talk to us today!

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