Open-Source VoIP Consulting

Asterisk and Freeswitch are probably among the most popular VoIP software on the market. Our team of experts are able to assist you to solve various challenges you encounter during the process of dealing with Asterisk, Freeswitch, Kamailio, Freepbx, FusionPBX, Bluebox and other similar software. We can assist you right through to full completion and even help with any needed custom integrations with other software, if needed.

Over the years Telqom has gathered some of the industry’s finest professionals in one strong global Business VoIP provider. We boast of a high-end network infrastructure and one of a kind internal IT infrastructure and are ready to share that experience and knowledge to help build your solutions and integrations.

If you wish for your PBX to be hosted locally on your servers, Telqom’s Consultants can assist you from the early phase of choosing your VoIP software to the moment your systems are fully operational.

Your own Hosted PBX will enable you to have complete control over your phone system and unlimited options thanks to the flexibility of Open Source VoIP Servers. Combined with Telqom’s SIP Trunks, your new hosted system will create an efficient and modern communication solution managed entirely by you and backed by Telqom’s reliable network.

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